The 33rd World Veterinary Congress calls on you to join us for AWARDS!
For Asian Veterinary Associations For underdeveloped and
developing countries
For those who submit poster abstracts
To boost harmony between Asian
nations and facilitate co-development
of veterinary medicines in the region!!
To extend supports nurturing talents
who will shoulder the future of
veterinary medicine!!
To acknowledge those who have
submitted outstanding posters!!!
*The details are subject to change and modifications, if any, it will be notified on the website.

WVC Incheon, KOREA 2017 you come along with your family or friends!!
Enter the quiz to become one of the 3 winners of the prize of a Free Registration ticket for your Accompanying Person!!


◆ Decipher the codes of "One Health, New Wave" using the hints below:

One Health, New Wave

[Codes] A=01, B=02, C=03, D=04, E=05
[Decoding] One = 151405

1. 151405 060501121706, 140525 23012105
2. 151405 070501121807, 140524 23012105
3. 151405 080501121908, 140523 23012105

Which number is correct????

September’s Winner: Hyeong-su MOON
(Incheon Veterinary Medicine Association)

Winner Announcement
Winners will be announced in next month’s
Newsletter and our Facebook. The Secretariat
will also contact winners individually.

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  Hot Issue Speakers  
  Public Health / Welfare / Ecology  
Animal Behavior
Specialist of Animal Behavior
Exotic Animal Medicine
Specialist of Wildlife
Mami IRIMAJIRI (Japan)
Senior Assistant Professor
Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Paolo MARTELLI (Hong Kong - Italy)
Director Veterinary Services
Ocean Park Hong Kong
  Companion Animal  
Clinical Lab Medicine
Recipient of 2015 AVMA Excellence in Feline
Research Award
Editor of 「Veterinary Ophthalmology」
Veterinary Ophthalmologist with particular interests in cataracts
Urs GIGER (Switzerland)
University of Pennsylvania and
University of Zurich
Professor, Department Chair,
Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
The Ohio State University
Congress Secretariat
Ye-Gwang B/D 3F, 162 Bangbae-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06588 Korea
Tel. +82-2-6918-2506 ㅣ Fax. +82-2-3475-2635 ㅣ E-mail.