Eng_Newletter Ver.02 (June, 2016)
  A total of 235 sessions to be set up,
about 50 distinguished speakers to be invited from all over the world
Scientific Program
The Scientific Program of the Congress will introduce the latest technologies and trends that have not been seen with the focus on One Health, which allows humans and animals to co-exist. The Program is made up of special lectures on the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and world-renowned specialists in each sector will be invited to deliver lectures.
Companion Animal Farm Animal Public Health/Welfare/Ecology
· Anesthesia/Emergency
· Clinical Lab Medicine
· Dentistry
· Dermatology
· Diagnostic Imaging
· Internal Medicine
· Nutrition
· Ophthalmology
· Surgery
· Aquatic Animal Medicine
· Avian Medicine
· Porcine Medicine
· One Health
· Animal Welfare
· Animal Behavior
· Eqidemiology/Public Health
· Exotic Animal Medicine
· Lab Animal Medicine
Large Animal Education
· Bovine Medicine
· Equine Medicine
· Veterinary Education
· Veterinary Practice

※A Component Ratio of Lectures
Hot Issue Speakers
Companion Animal
Distinguished Speaker for Allergy
Internal Medicine
The First Korean Heart Specialist in USA
Douglas J. DEBOER (USA)
Professor of Dermatology
School of Veterinary Medicine,
University of Wisconsin
SeungWoo JUNG (USA-Korean)
Assistant Professor of Cardiology
Auburn University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Farm Animal
Porcine Medicine
Professor of the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the world’s top lab in swine disease diagnosis
Aquatic Animal Medicine
Founder and principal of the veterinary aquatic animal practice Vet-Aqua International
Kyoungjin J. YOON (USA-Korean)
Professor of Vet Diagnostic &
Production Animal Medicine,
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory,
College of Veterinary Medicine,
IOWA State University
Hamish RODGER (UK)
Global Managing Director
Fish Vet Group

Sponsorshp & Exhibition Application begin on June 1, 2016~

We encourage you to act quickly if you would like to participate in this important VET event.
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Sponsorship & Exhibition

WVC Incheon, KOREA 2017 is expected to attract 4,000 or so veterinarians of 103 countries, many of whom exert considerable influence on the vet industry. In the sense, the Congress serves as a perfect platform for your company/organization to promote your brand along with products and services in the most efficient way in the shortest time.

In reality, intensified marketing activities delivered over the five-days Congress period will allow your company to gain an edge over your competitors. Varied, strategically developed sponsorship program will encourage participants to visit your booths, let alone boosting the awareness of your brand.

You will find the best benefits by sponsoring WVC Incheon, KOREA 2017, one of the world’s largest vet events with the most influential figures participating.

On May 19, Thursday at the Korea Press Center in Seoul, a briefing for exhibition and sponsorship was held attended by some 100 people from the veterinary industry.

Additional Benefits for Sponsors

Please refer to the sponsorship prospectus and do not miss out on the additional benefits for sponsors. There will be free registration, newsletters, congress bag inserts, discounts on additional booths on various items available.
For further inquiries, please contact the Secretariat office below.

WVC Incheon, KOREA 2017
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E-mail exh@wvc2017korea.com

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