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Approved for 12 Credits by: American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB)

The 33rd World Veterinary Congress provides veterinarians with max. 12 credits of AAVSB/RACE Continuing Education.
(RACE Program 1119-28859)

- Veterinarians can get 0.5 credit per lecture.
- This RACE approval is for the subject matter categorie(s) of “Scientific” using the delivery method(s) of Seminar/Lecture.
- This Approval is valid in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE; however, participants are responsible for ascertaining each board's CE requirements.

Please contact the AAVSB RACE program at race@aavsb.org or 877-698-8482 if you have any comments/concerns regarding this program’s validity or relevancy to the veterinary profession.


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