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KVMA Friendship Travel Grants


The Korean Veterinary Medical Association (KVMA) hosting the 33rd World Veterinary Congress jointly with the World Veterinary Association (WVA) plans to award 30 grants to recognize national veterinary medical associations in presenting quality posters. The posters should describe the main activities in the field of “One Health” and their association’s introduction.
Each travel grants valued at USD 1,000 will be offered to a recipient along with his/her free registration.


  • The associations submitting application forms with poster contents should be a member of the WVA or the FAVA.
  • The associations are encouraged to recommend one person out of their national delegations as a recipient of the travel grants.
  • The recipient of travel grants must be registered at a college of veterinary medicine as a student or a veterinarian under the age of 40, those born after 1976. The KVMA would preferably offer the grants to those who cannot afford to cover all the expenses for attending the Congress.


The association must submit by April 10 from February 1, 2017 the following to the Congress Secretariat in order to be considered as a candidate:

  1. Please enquire the application form first to the secretariat (info@wvc2017korea.com)
  2. Completed Application Form with Poster Contents related to “One Health”
    - The application form will be sent an e-mail by the end of January, 2017 to WVA and FAVA members.
  3. A Recommendation Letter of the president of national veterinary medical association

Poster Exhibition by National Veterinary Medical Associations

Format and Design, a Standard template

The posters will all follow a standard template and design, which allows associations to prominently feature their logo as well as images related to the initiative.
KVMA will provide clear instructions for the text and content elements and will provide templates.
Poster Size may be A0, (841 by 1,189 millimeters or 33.1 in × 46.8 in) colored.

Structure and Content Elements

  • Posters must be written and presented in English.
  • Name of Association, Country + Association logo
  • Main title of the initiative / headline
  • Main image (High resolution, 300 DPI)
  • Text Block(1): Introduction of associations
  • Text Block(2): Activities of One Health
  • One additional image / picture / graph (High resolution, 300 DPI)
  • QR code and URL to follow for “Further Information”

Use after congress

KVMA is free to use the posters how they would like after the congress.

※It is subject to change.

For any inquiries, please contact the Secretariat:
Ms. Dayeong SHIN; Tel. +82-2-6918-2563, Fax. +82-3475-2635, E-mail. info@wvc2017korea.com


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