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Special Program

※The Special Program subject to change without any notice.

Brain Storming & VET VISION 2050

An agenda on the social role of the veterinarians around the world including the veterinary Bill of Rights and Ethics Guideline will be created.
Based on the agenda, VET VISTION 2050 will be declared to articulate our aspirations and to provide a guide for development.

Date: August 30 (Wed), Brain Storming
August 31(Thu), VET VISION 2050

Global Seminar on Animal Welfare Program Detail

Under the sponsorship of the World Veterinary Association and World Animal Protection International, animal welfare specialists from regions across the world are invited to give special lectures and discussion on the latest issues. Dr. Patricia V. TURNER who is serving as a councilor for the World Veterinary Association’s Animal Welfare Working Group and the International Discipline-centred Organization and nine other noted specialists will be giving insightful talks on the issue.

Date: August 29 (Tue), 09:00 - 18:00
  • Patricia V. TURNER
  • Natalie WARAN
    (United Kingdom)
  • Shana Maria BERGMANN
  • Natasha LEE

Special Session for FMD and AI, sponsored by Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, Korea

Special lectures and discussion sessions highlighting the countermeasures against malignant infectious diseases in animals such as AI(H5N1, H7N9), the zoonosis that kills hundreds of people across the world every year, and FMD will be held under the sponsorship of Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, Korea. Seven specialists and panels including Donald KING of the Pirbright Institute in the United Kingdom and David SWAYNE of U.S. Department of Agriculture will be invited.

Date: August 29 (Tue), 08:30 – 12:10, AI
August 29 (Tue), 13:45 – 16:00, FMD


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