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Scientific Overview

The special feature of the academic program of the Congress will introduce the latest technology and trends that have not been previously seen and in addition, the focus will be on 'One Health' which will enable humans and animals to co-exist.

The program is made up of special lectures on the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and distinguished specialists in each sector will be invited to deliver the lectures.

Companion Animal

  • AE
  • Anesthesia / Emergency
    Introduction of Emergency Response and Anesthesia on Small and Large Animals
  • LM
  • Clinical Lab Medicine
    Expansion of Diagnostic Test Areas Applying the Latest Molecular Diagnostics & Lymphoma Diagnosis from Cytology to Gene Analysis
  • DE
  • Dentistry
    Introduction of the Latest Diagnostics and Treatment in Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • CF
  • Dermatology
    New Clinic Trend on Pruritic Skin Disease (Allergy), Contagious Skin Disease and Ear Disease
  • DI
  • Diagnostic Imaging
    Information Acquisition of Accurate and Useful Diagnostic Imaging Using CT/MRI on Companion Animals' Diseases
  • IM
  • Internal Medicine
    Paradigm Shift and Introduction of Latest Trends and Treatments on Cardiology, Oncology and Gastroenterology in Small Animals
  • NU
  • Nutrition
    New Trends of the Nutritious Diet Management of Companion Animals by the World’s Leading Specialist
  • OP
  • Ophthalmology
    Introduction of New Technology of Fundus Examination & Cataract Surgery in Small Animals
  • SU
  • Surgery
    New Trends in Orthopedics, Tumor, Endoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment

Farm Animal

  • AA
  • Aquatic Animal Medicine
    Roles and Activities of Veterinary Medicine for Aquatic Animal
  • AI
  • Avian Medicine Influenza
    New Insight and Strategy on Prediction & Control of Avian Influenza with Case Study of Recent Global Spread of AI Virus disseminated by Wild Birds *Sponsored by QIA, Korea
  • AM
  • Avian Medicine
    New Diagnostics and Prevention of Recent Outbreaks and Patterns of Avian Diseases in the Global Poultry Farming
    *Sponsored by Konkuk University
  • FM
  • Foot and Mouth Disease
    Analysis on the Characteristics and Current Status of Globally Emerging Issue, the Foot and Mouth Disease & Search for Effective Preventative Controls *Sponsored by QIA, Korea
  • PM
  • Porcine Medicine
    Insightful Lecture on Global Issue of Swine Influenza and Salmonella & New Research Trend of PRRS

Large Animal

  • BM
  • Bovine Medicine
    Effective Treatment on Internal/Surgical Diseases and Latest Pain Management Protocol in Cattle
  • EM
  • Equine Medicine
    Introduction of New Technologies of Diagnosis and Treatment for the TB Racehorses and Selection of Clear Standard for the Equine Practitioners with Colic Cases

Public Health / Welfare / Ecology

  • OH
  • One Health
    Macro/Microscopic Approach in Application of 'One Health' by Veterinarians and Veterinary Medicine’s Contribution to the Community
  • AB
  • Animal Behavior
    Fascinating Insight on Behavior Disorder of Dog and Cat
  • EP
  • Epidemiology / Public Health
    Lecture on Recent HOT ISSUE by the Global Epidemiologist & "Practical Clinical Epidemiology for the Veterinarian" by Aurora VILLAROEL
  • EA
  • Exotic Animal Medicine
    Innovative Approach to Exotic Animal Medicine - Introduction, Crocodile and Dolphin
  • GS
  • Global Seminar on Animal Welfare
    Special Lecture and Discussion on Current Issues with Animal Welfare Specialists Sponsored by World Veterinary Association
  • LA
  • Lab Animal Medicine
    Development of New Therapeutics through Animal Model for Human Disease
    *Sponsored by Korea Mouse Phenotyping Center(KMPC) & Korean College of Laboratory Animal Medicine(KCLAM)


  • VE
  • Veterinary Education
    Educators’ Role in Adapting to Change and Fulfilling and Innovating the Traditional Duties Required by the Society
  • VP
  • Veterinary Practice Management
    Competition is Getting Fierce in Veterinary Market! Change Starts from Veterinary Practice Management!


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