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Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of veterinarians in Korea, it is my great honor to invite you to the 33rd World Veterinary Congress (WVC Incheon, KOREA 2017) to be held from Aug 27-31 2017 in Incheon, Korea.

We, Korean veterinarians, are putting in lots of efforts with a great passion for developing the veterinary field ranging from animal health care, animal welfare, quarantine, preventing zoonosis, to food safety. This Congress is expected to serve as a hot debating space for vets around the world to address some crucial issues, coming up with solutions.
To this end, we are collaborating with the central and local governments, and related organizations of Korea to make this event substantial.

Incheon has successfully hosted international veterinary events such as OIE Rabies International conference 2011, Global Conference of OIE Reference Centres 2014, among others. Incheon is a global, leading city in vet medicine.

The Korean Veterinary Medical Association as an organizer of the Congress will do its best to ensure an exquisite and satisfactory Congress for all participating vets and professionals.

We are all looking forward to your participation in WVC Incheon, KOREA 2017.

Thank you.



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